How to Most Efficiently Pack the Moving Truck for Your Relocation

One of the more challenging parts of moving to a new city or state is packing up the moving truck. You’ve spent weeks going through the items in your home, packing them into boxes, or donating what you don’t want. Now is the time to load up the truck, and head out to your new adventure. If you know how to pack a moving truck for your relocation properly, then this process won’t be bad at all. If this is your first time hitting the road with all your belongings, then it’s a good idea to think about the moving truck portion of the move ahead of time. Let’s take a closer look.

Prepare Ahead

Before moving day arrives, there are a few things that you will want on hand. This includes:

  • A dolly to help you move the heaviest items.
  • Padding, or plastic moving wrap to protect your items.
  • Moving straps can help keep items together in the truck, so they don’t shift.
  • Tarps can be used under your furniture or on top of it to protect everything from getting dirty.

Also, as Cheap Movers Philadelphia – notes, make sure to keep certain items separate in the front of the moving truck, or in another vehicle, so you don’t have to go searching for them later on. This can include tools to help put the furniture back together or some of your personal belongings that you’ll need throughout the day.


Heaviest Items First

If you have space, your best option is to move all of your items outside of the truck. This will give you a good view of what needs to fit into the truck. Think of this process as a puzzle. You want to survey all of your pieces before you begin.

Start loading in the heaviest of your items into the back of the truck. This prevents the very back of the truck bed from dragging as you drive. This probably includes things like appliances. Everything should be kept upright and placed snug against the back of the truck wall.

In The Middle

In the middle of the truck, in the space next to the heaviest appliance items, you will want to load up your furniture. This includes couches, chairs, entertainment stands, dressers, etc. If you can place items on top of each other, this can save on space, but be sure to strap each item down as you load it up to prevent anything from slipping. Decorative chairs can easily be flipped upside-down, so padded cushions rest on other padded surfaces.

The Sides of the Truck

As you are placing all of these items into the truck, be mindful of placing your longer items along the sides of the truck interior. Longer dining room tables or decorative headboards will be much more stable when they are tucked along the stable sides. Make sure everything is being wrapped as the process goes along to makes sure damage doesn’t occur to anything.

Last But Not Least

Lastly, your boxes and other remaining items will be loaded in. Heavier boxes go on the bottom, with lighter boxes being placed on the top. Try to keep boxes together that share the same height to keep everything in place. You want to minimize shifting.


As you drive, be conscious of all the items that you have on board with you. Don’t speed, and don’t make any sharp turns that could cause items to become dislodged from their place. If you take the road slow and steady, you’ll make it to your final destination with everything intact.

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